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Ceramic Platen Liners :

Epoxy these to your platen to improve your flat grinds, help your belts run cooler and they have even been reported to improve belt bump due to having a lower coefficient of friction as compared to the standard metal platens and don't generate as much heat thereby not affecting the butt splice as a metal platen does.

These Platen Liners are 3/16" thick, and are made from a high temperature ceramic material with a low coefficient of expansion.

4" x 8" = $36 

2" x 12" = $25

2" x 10" = $22

2" x 9" = $20

2" x 8" = $19

2" x 7" = $18

2" x 6" = $17

1" x 5" = $13

Custom Sizes - We can special order a size for you when we restock our inventory.  Email us to have your order added to the order list.

**since palten liners are somewhat fragile in regards to mechanical shock, we highly recommend you select shipping insurance for orders with platen liners in them.

Platen Liner FAQ and mounting suggestions

Ceramic Platen Liners