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25 Ton Hydraulic Forging Press
By Ron Claiborne

Note: Ron Claiborne sells these presses directly, please contact Ron at the number listed below for any information on the press.

Presenting the Claiborne Forging Press! This 25 ton hydraulic forging press is
fabricated by knifemaker Ron Claiborne of Knoxville, Tennessee. As anyone
who has seen one of these presses in person can attest to, Ron pays
particular attention to detail; from the solid professional construction and
design of the press, to the final paint job you choose for your custom designed
tool! This press not only performs well, it looks darn nice in the process. This
is testiment to the pride and craftsmanship Ron puts into building these
presses. If you're in the market for a 25 ton press for your Damascus or
forging work, you can't go wrong with a Claiborn press!

The cost of this press is $5000 F.O.B. Knoxville, Tennessee, or the press can
be picked up at Ron's shop.

You have a choice of the upright H-Frame design as shown in the picture
above, or else a reverse low-boy design as shown below. With the upright
H-frame, the ram presses from the top with the workpiece stationary which
contrasts the low-boy design where the ram presses from the bottom with the
workpiece moving up to meet the upper die.

These presses come with 8 sets of dies of your choice! Also, an optional die
rack can be mounted to your press for a convenient die storage solution. Dies
of any configuration are available for the Claiborne press.

To order or for inquires, contact Ron Claiborne at: (865) 660-1569

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