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Nelsonite 30B02 Wood Stabilizer:

1 qt = $17.50

1 Gallon = $50.00

Nelsonite 30B02 is the wood stabilizing compound that leaves your wood/bone/horn/ivory handle material feeling natural, not like plastic! This stabilizer has long been used in the woodworking and pool cue fabrication communities, and is just now being discovered by knifemakers as an alternative to products such as MMA and Resinol 90C. Several prominent knifemakers use this stabilizer and prompted us to start carrying it.

Nelsonite has a very long shelf life in the unopened container, approximately 10 years according to the manufacturer. However, exposure to oxygen (air) degrades the material and starts to affect its efficacy within 3 - 4 months. It is advisable to either purge your opened containers with an inert gas (nitrogen, argon, etc) or top up your container with something like ball bearings or clean pieces of steel to keep the air head space to a minimum. You can also store your opened container in your vacuum chamber (if you use one) and keep it pumped down.

Unfortunately, due to the solvent carrier, Nelsonite cannot be shipped Internationally.

USA shipment by Fedex Ground, UPS ground or USPS Parcel Post only.  You must select one of these three methods when placing an order for Nelsonite in the shopping cart.  If an order is placed and a different shipping method is selected we will have to hold your order until the difference in shipping costs are paid. Sorry for any inconvenience, but we cannot ship these through an air carrier by law.

Nelsonite FAQ
Select Fedex Ground, UPS Ground, or USPS Parcel Post only for Shipping Nelsonite!

1 Quart

1 Gallon

Select Fedex Ground, UPS Ground, or USPS Parcel Post only for Shipping Nelsonite!

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