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Propane Rated Quick Disconnect Fittings:

- C.S.A. certified quick disconnect fittings for Propane Gas

- Female Coupler features an integral ball valve 
  for added shutoff safety and 1/4" female threads- $14.00

- Male Nipple with 1/4" male threads- $3.50

- Rubber dust protector plug for Female Coupler - $2.50

Quick Disconnect FAQ

Female Coupler with Integral Ball Valve

Male Nipple

Rubber Dust Plug for Coupler

1/4" Brass Ball Valve:

- C.S.A. certified Forged Brass Ball Valves for Propane Gas

- Use these for gas shutoff in your Forced Air and Venturi burners!

- 1/4" Female NPT threads on both ends.


Ball valve FAQ

1/4" Ball Valve

1/4" Brass Needle Valves:

- Use these needle valves for regulating the flow rate of gas in your Forced Air burner or for an idle bypass circuit for your Venturi burners!

- Female NPT on inlet and male NPT on outlet.


Needle valve FAQ

Needle Valve

Brass Gate Valves:

- A gate valve is used to regulate air flow from your blower in a Forced Air Burner!

- Female NPT threads on both ends.

1" Brass Gate Valve - $20.00

1 1/4" Brass Gate Valve - $25.00

1 1/2" Brass Gate Valve - $35.00

2" Brass Gate Valve - $50.00

Gate Valve FAQ

Gate Valves

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