High Temperature Salt

High Temperature Salt

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This is Neutral Salt B manufactured by Hubbard-Hall.

Neutral Salt B is a chemically balanced mixture of chlorides designed for a specific range of operating temperatures. All chemicals incorporated into the formulation are technical grade to insure a high purity, high grade, trouble-free mixture. Neutral Salt B solidified salts are easily removed from the heat-treated work and those which require oil quenching.

Neutral Salt B is used as a neutral molten salt bath for a heat transfer medium in the heat treatment of medium or high carbon steels and low alloy steels. It can also be used for reheating carburized steels and annealing. *For short periods of time, Neutral B can be used at 1700F. but not for continuous periods. After using at this temperature, it should be lowered to a maximum of 1600F.

 $3.50/# in 25# and 50# weights

$4.00/# in 1# weights

Operating range is 1300F to 1700F (700C to 926C)

Melting point is 1200F (650C)

Density is 100#/cubic foot


Make sure you fully understand proper safely practices of working with a molten salt bath before using. 


Tarrif code 2827.39.45